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The Miverbo 16-week Personalised Program is designed to help you adopt a healthier lifestyle, enhance your fitness, and manage your weight.

State-registered nutritionist and fitness coach Corinne Zaffarese Elbourne will guide you every step of the way.

This 16-week personalised programme is

built on three essential pillars


We believe in the power of cultivating a strong mindset.


We create customised training plans to maximise your results.


We devise personalised nutrition plans and recipe books to fuel your progress.

Craving change but can’t kick your cravings?

What to expect from your personalised programme

One-on-one guidance

One-on-one guidance, weekly check-ins, and continuous support.

Customised training plans

Customised training plans with instructional videos.

Nutrition Resources

Personalised nutrition plan, recipe book, and weekly education sessions.

App access

Access to the MIVERBO app to track body stats, food intake, and workouts.

Group therapy

Group therapy sessions to boost mindset.

Facebook Group Membership

Membership to our exclusive Facebook group for live sessions.

It’s all in the details

Fitness Classes

One-to-One Sessions

Nutrition and Mindset Sessions

Group Therapy Sessions

  • Address emotional eating and healthy coping mechanisms.
  • Share personal stories and experiences to build a supportive community.

It’s all in the details

Weeks 1-4 (Foundations and Habit Building)

  • Fitness Week 1: Introduction to basic movements and exercises, with a focus on form. Includes three days of full-body resistance workouts and two days of low-impact cardio like brisk walking.
  • Fitness Week 2-4: Gradually increasing intensity, introducing interval training, and adding a fourth day of resistance training.
  • Nutrition Week 1: Introduction to macronutrients and macronutrients and an emphasis on whole foods and meal planning.
  • Nutrition Week 2-4: Focusing on food labels and making healthier grocery choices.
  • Mindset Week 1-4: Weekly group classes on goal setting and understanding the ‘why’ behind one’s fitness journey. Also, one-on-one sessions every two weeks to address personal challenges.

Weeks 5-8 (Intensification and Skill Building)

  • Fitness Weeks 5-8: Split resistance training to target different muscle groups, addition of one HIIT session per week.
  • Nutrition Weeks 5-8: Focus on the role of hydration, understanding portion sizes and mindful eating.
  • Mindset Weeks 5-8: One-on-one sessions for mental resilience, group sessions on overcoming setbacks as well as the role that stress management plays in weight management, and a group therapy session to address challenges.

Weeks 9-12 (Specialisation and Advanced Techniques)

  • Fitness Weeks 9-12: Five days of resistance training with a focus on various muscle groups, two weekly HIIT sessions, and the introduction of flexibility and mobility work.
  • Nutrition Weeks 9-12: The role of supplements and whether they are necessary, and addressing sugar addiction and alternatives.
  • Mindset Weeks 9-12: Group therapy class on visualisation and the power of positive thinking, along with continued one-on-one sessions for program adjustments based on progress.

Weeks 13-16 (Consolidation and Future Planning)

  • Fitness Weeks 13-16: Mix of all learned routines with an emphasis on listening to one’s body.
  • Nutrition Weeks 13-16: Focus on meal planning an prepping for busy lives as well as sustainable eating habits and navigating social events.
  • Mindset Weeks 13-16: Emphasis on long-term vision, setting up future goals, and ensuring consistency.

Throughout the programme, meal plans are provided weekly based on individual daily calorie requirements and total daily energy expenditure.

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